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South Western Group is ready for Summer! With the sun comes seasonal risks, here are some that SWG can help you protect!
Get Your Food Truck Fix
As the weather warms up, diners can hit the streets and taste a variety of culinary delights, either locally inspired or tastes from afar.  Chip Wagons, Food Trucks, Hot Dog Stands - Mobile Food Vendors offer an experience like no other.  But along with providing a great customer experience, business owners must make sure they are properly protected against the unforeseen risks associated with such an endeavor.  SWG has you covered! 
We offer a Mobile Food Vendor policy that can suit the business owners' needs and provide peace of mind, offering combined property and liability protection.
Stay, Relax, Enjoy
South Western Group offers an Insurance Package specifically designed for Campground Owners.
Available Coverages Include:
•    Cover for Buildings: Equipment & Contents - Scheduled Form
•    Named Perils coverage ACV or All Risk Coverage including Replacement Cost and Consequential Loss (if risk qualifies)
•    Office Equipment Floater
•    Miscellaneous Property Floater
•    Boat and Motor Floater
•    Trailer Floater (trailers held for sale)
•    Non-Owned Trailers (legal liability for damage to customers trailer)
•    Broad Form Money & Securities  (if risk qualifies)
•    Commercial General Liability (up to $5,000,000 limit available)
Protect Your Fun
South Western Group works closely with numerous markets to offer many different coverages for your seasonal home or cottage. If your insured uses their cottage seasonally, or you use it as a secondary residence year round, we can find a package that's right for you!
Swim Safely
SWG offers a Swimming Instruction, CPR & First Aid Liability Program. South Western Group is a preferred supplier for the Canadian Red Cross. We can provide an insurance package which is available across Canada for Red Cross instructors and training partners, including swimming instruction for back yard pools.
Coverages include Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions, Malpractice and Non-Owned Automobile liability. Property coverage can also be obtained for equipment used in training and instruction.
Winner! Winner!
Looking to generate revenue or public interest in your insured's product? South Western Group can help to protect your client if there is a winner! 
With Prize Indemnity Insurance, the organizer can offer a large prize to attract players and have the confidence knowing that they are protected and reimbursed in the event that some lucky player actually wins.
Some examples of Prize Indemnity Insurance include:
•    Putting Contests
•    Hockey Shots
•    Helicopter Ball Drops
•    Dice Rolls
•    Lotteries
•    Envelope Picks
SWG has policies that can protect your clients if an Event is cancelled. Whether it is beyond the clients' control due to poor weather, or the venue being damaged forcing an event to be cancelled, we can provide a solution that can cover for loss of Cost & Expenses or Loss of Revenue.
We can also protect the organizers as a result of their legal liability from holding the event for injury to third parties watching or attending the event.
To see if South Western Group is up to your next challenge, contact us at, call us at 1-800-668-4275 or click HERE to visit our website.
Providing "Professional Insurance Underwriting and Marketing through Service, Integrity and Stability" for over 50 years, South Western Group is proud to service our broker channel with our underwriting knowledge and expertise.

South Western Group enjoys the challenging submissions we receive from our brokers.  It is how our talented staff maintain our reputation for excellence in underwriting.  With offices in Quebec, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver SWG is there to help every step of the way.  Some of the recent challenges we have been presented with:
Classic Car
Insured purchased a $12,000,000 classic car that was being transported from the auctioneer to its display location.  In 24 hours, SWG assisted the broker in covering this single transit using our Lloyds of London customised High Value Automobile policy.

The Security Services industry is a demanding market segment.  As security businesses expand the range of services they provide, it impacts their insurance requirements.  The broker approached SWG for a $10MM CGL limit when their client entered into a new services contract.  The incumbent solution could not offer more than $5MM CGL.  Our experienced team was able to provide a solution that combined our Security Services industry product with our in-house Umbrella capability to meet their need.
Personal Lines
Our broker needed help.  Their client owned a high value log cabin in Prince George, British Columbia and the broker was having difficulty securing Guaranteed Replacement coverage.  A review of the inspection report satisfied our team that we were able to extend the required coverage to the insured's beautiful risk.
Commercial Liability
Our broker's client builds unique log homes.  Each one is handcrafted on site, then taken apart, shipped around the world, and reconstructed wherever the client wants.  To match this challenging world wide risk, the broker turned to SWG for our 'handcrafted' liability policy. 
Commercial Liability
Playgrounds are fun.  Insuring the distribution and installation of playground equipment is no walk in the park.  With exposure in the United States, South Western Group provided the required protection.

South Western Insurance Group Limited (South Western), Canada's leading Wholesale Insurance Intermediary/Managing General Agent, is pleased to announce that Rory O'Donoghue has joined the Company as Manager of the Vancouver branch.

Rory joins South Western from a leading specialty Insurer and brings with him a solid reputation in the insurance industry and a vast understanding of the product needs required to be successful.

South Western is also pleased to announce that Jodie Hallyburton will be working along side Rory as an underwriter.  Jodie brings a strong technical background and will be a great asset to South Western.
Rory & Jodie will assume the BC business and work together to further develop and build the company's presence in the Province.
Contact details:
Rory O'Donoghue, MBA, CAIB
Branch Manager
South Western Group
Tel: (604) 678-4380
Jodie Hallyburton, CIP
South Western Group
Tel: (604) 630-9566

The Head Office of South Western Group is now located at:

401 The West Mall, Suite 700
Toronto, ON  M9C 5J5

Our phone and fax numbers remain the same:

Tel:  (416) 620-6604 / 1-800-668-4275
Fax:  1-877-329-2794

Happy New Year and all the very best in 2015!

From your friends at SWG

SWG is opening our doors to the Hospitality Industry once again as we are proud to present a competitive Insurance Program that has been designed specifically to accommodate all Hospitality Risks other than Night Clubs or Adult Entertainment.
With this new program SWG will be able to provide terms for risks across Canada and will be able to write accounts with 100% liquor sales.
The policy will provide coverage for both bodily injury and property damage and will include forcible ejection coverage as well.
Coverage & Limits:
•    Property Coverage - All Risk/Replacement Cost / Named Perils / Actual Cash Value Basis
•    Business Interruption - Profits / Gross Earnings / Extra Expense / Rental Income
•    Flood / Earthquake / Sewer Back-Up - subject to availability by Province
•    Crime Coverage - Employee Dishonesty / In/Out Coverage / Broad Form Money & Securities subject to a minimum class II safe on premises
•    Commercial General Liability with limits up to $10,000,000 and more if necessary
•    Tenants Legal Liability
•    Non-Owned Automobile
•    Mechanical Breakdown
•    Legal Expense Coverage
•    Stand alone Crime & Liability is also available
Extensions of Coverage:
•    Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings $1,000,000 Limit
•    Newly Acquired Business Personal Property $500,000 Limit           
•    Fire Department Service Charges $20,000 Limit           
•    Peak Season $25,000 Limit
•    Personal Effects $5,000 Limit
•    Property Off Premises $10,000 Limit
•    Property In Transit $10,000 Limit
•    Accounts Receivable $10,000 Limit
•    Valuable Papers $10,000 Limit
•    Damage to Building by Theft $5,000 Limit
•    Professional Fees $25,000 Limit
•    EDP Equipment, Data and Media $25,000 Limit
For more information, please contact:
Zena Nucifora
1-800-668-4275, Ext. 1277
Providing "Professional Insurance Underwriting and Marketing through Service, Integrity and Stability" for over 50 years, South Western Group is proud to service our broker channel with our underwriting knowledge and expertise.

South Western Insurance Group Limited (South Western), Canada's leading Wholesale Insurance Intermediary/Managing General Agent, is proud to have partnered with a Specialist Insurer that has been the leader in servicing Faith Organizations and Communities for decades, globally and throughout Canada.
"This partnership positions SWG to meet the unique needs and interests of faith communities on a National basis," said John Barclay, CEO, SWG. "We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service and through this partnership, we will be able to do that for a new breadth of prospective clients."
SWG's Faith product ensures superior protection and the most appropriate coverage for every situation, including physical and sexual abuse and also extends to cover Faith based schools.
The basic product covers Property, Loss of Income, Crime, General Liability, Pastoral Counseling, and more. It also includes extensions and options that are better than those generally available in the marketplace. For example:

  • Disappearing Deductible (Property Covers): the deductible does not apply if the amount of the loss exceeds $10,000
  • No deductible on General Liability coverages
  • Included Loss of Income and Crime limits with the option to increase where needed
  • No Maximum limit on stained glass, pipe organs or religious artifacts

A range of important supplementary coverages is also available, including:

  • Child Protection Coverage (Claims- made or Occurrence Basis)
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Umbrella Liability

"This product will empower brokers to deliver to a broader range of customers with specialized needs," said Barclay. "It is not always easy for faith organizations to access flexible and customized coverage to meet there needs. We are hoping to fill that gap."

Click HERE for additonal Product and Contact details.

South Western Insurance Group Limited's CLUBPAC© ADVANTAGE PROGRAM has stood the test of time.  We don't swing so wildly that we go rough-to-rough, just steady down the middle underwriting, which is what you want for your clients. 

Our CLUBPAC© ADVANTAGE PROGRAM is the only comprehensive Golf & Country Club insurance program that has been continuously available for more than 40 years.  As the leading underwriter to golf clubs and independent golf ProShops in Canada, SWG holds a unique position in the golf insurance industry.  We see trends and new risk exposures as they develop, and take the appropriate action to create new coverage or recommend loss control procedures before other providers are even aware that a problem exists.

In addition to the "State-of-the-Art" Insurance Protection, Competitive Rates & Unique Enhancements, there are a number of additional benefits provided by the CLUBPAC© ADVANTAGE PROGRAM which might not be offered by an individual policy contract.

Some key features of this product include:

  • The Club Pac Advantage Program is the ONLY insurance product endorsed and marketed by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada
  • Optional coverage for Underground Irrigation Systems, Sprinklers, Driveways, Roads and Parking Lots
  • Deductibles (and premium credits) adjusted to fit the financial size of the club
  • Windstorm & Hail coverage for the Course & Greens (the most frequent golf club loss in North America)
  • Premium credits for privately installed and maintained fire hydrants
  • Replacement Cost option on leased equipment
  • Optional Business Interruption coverage designed for golf clubs, including: Profits No-Coinsurance Membership Dues Reimbursement coverage: Extra Expense coverage; and Forced Course Closure cover
  • Optional low cost professional building replacement cost estimates
  • Sudden & Accidental Pollution liability coverage
  • Optional liability protection for independent sub-contractors at the club
  • Loyalty Discount available

For every Province except Quebec, please contact either:

Connie Vaccaro                                     Melanie Pon      or 
1-866-794-5463 Ext. 1274                    1-866-794-5463 Ext. 1266

For Quebec, please contact:
Marie Poulin
1-866-794-5463 Ext. 3224

Did you know?

Providing "Professional Insurance Underwriting and Marketing through Service, Integrity and Stability" for over 50 years, South Western Group is proud to service our broker channel with our underwriting knowledge and expertise.

Two underwriters that have been part of South Western Group's continuous growth throughout the years will now lead one of South Western Group's most successful programs, the Security Services Program.

South Western Group's Security Package has been designed specifically for the Security Industry...Including FAILURE TO PERFORM and NO GENERAL AGGREGATE LIMIT - Our program also now includes Limited Pollution Liability coverage and offers Errors & Omissions Liability as well.

With over 30 years of combined Underwriting experience, Corinne Love and Colleen Bliss will be utilizing their knowledge and customer centric approach to further grow this program.

Corinne Love began her career with a National Brokerage, and joined the South Western Group in 2003. Prior to joining the Security Services team, for the past ten years her underwriting skills have helped us manage risk across several divisions within South Western Group: including Jewellers Block, Sports and Fitness, Event Cancellation and Brokers Errors and Omissions.

Contact information:
Corinne Love
Phone: 1-866-794-5463 extension 1231
Fax: 1-877-329-2794
or Email:

Colleen Bliss is a seasoned 20 year veteran with South Western Group and one of our most knowledgeable Underwriters. Prior to joining the Security Services team, she served as the Lead Underwriter in our Special Risk Property Department where she handled a variety of risks including Commercial Buildings, Rented Dwellings, Student Boarding/Rooming Houses, Vacant/Unoccupied Dwellings and Seasonal Dwellings.

Contact information:
Colleen Bliss, CIP
Phone: 1-866-794-5463 extension 1227
Fax: 1-877-329-2794
or Email:

Both Corinne and Colleen are eager to showcase their underwriting talents and look forward to promoting the upcoming Security Services Program offerings to our valued broker channel.

South Western Group has a program that provides Commercial General Liability coverage for small processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, vacant land, and some difficult to place retailer’s operations.  We refer to this as our PROWL –Processors, Retailers Or Wholesalers Liability program.